About Us


Ensure the authenticity and integrity of microelectronics in the global supply chain, enable the safe and secure transfer of technology overseas, and enhance the security of communication and information in all endeavors.

Advance the research and development of self-aware semiconductor circuits to assure functionally safe and predictable control, communication and component systems to improve the lives of people depending on electronic devices.


Augment, extend and empower legacy and new microelectronic circuits to enable connected devices to safely and securely communicate and interoperate, improving productivity and enhancing user's lives.

Create a new generation of augmented legacy and new electronic circuit systems capable of operational overwatch, behavioral function protection and at-speed on-the-fly adaptation of autonomous operations and counter-measures.


Provide architects and designers with an automated solution to design flexible and distributed functional facilities into chip architectures.

Provide intellectual property that validates operation as functionally correct within the DNA of a chip design.

Provide automation tools that allow system builders to monitor and manipulate microelectronics for safe, secure, defensible operation throughout the chip life.