Scott Winning

President / CEO
Sawblade Ventures, LLC

Mr. Winning has been a veteran of the semiconductor industry for over 35 years. At Motorola SPS and Freescale Semiconductor, he has held various positions of increasing responsibility in engineering and engineering management including test, product, design and IP (Intellectual Property). He has also been responsible for building the company revenue in marketing and operations management. The majority of his career has been in the automotive market, also in consumer, industrial and appliance markets. Beside his focus on cyber, he currently consults on the development of MCU (Micro Controller Unit) semiconductors for space radiation hardening. A graduate of Louisiana State University, earning a BSEE. In his spare time he enjoys golf, traveling, woodworking and working with the handicapped.


Keith Guidry,

Sawblade Ventures, LLC

Mr.  Guidry has been active in the industrial automation design and engineering world for over 35 years. As a systems integrator for major industrial process computing and industrial manufacturing companies, he has worked with a wide variety of Fortune 500 companies and startups.  His career includes experience with numerous pioneers and next-generation efforts since the advent of microprocessors in the 1970's.  These experiences in petrochemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and  discrete manufacturing inform his current work with Sawblade Ventures,  LLC employing novel technological advances applied to cyber automation.  Such efforts seek to advance interoperable intelligent platforms for business computing within sensitive industrial computing environments. 


Miron Abramovici


Sawblade Ventures, LLC

Dr. Abramovici is the inventor of the unique technology derived as DAFCA (Design Automation for Flexible Chip Architecture) products and intellectual properties. He co-founded DAFCA Inc., serving as its Chief Technology Officer and Chief Scientist. He is an IEEE Fellow and best known as the Co-Author of “Digital Systems Testing and Testable Design”, a foundation textbook for students and professionals in the science of circuit testing throughout the semiconductor industry. Dr. Abramovici currently serves as consultant for Sawblade Ventures, LLC, advising on the future applications and technological reach of his innovative legacy. He is also an accomplished artist and photographer.


Hector Ruiz


Sawblade Ventures, LLC

Dr. Ruiz brings a wealth of semiconductor industry experience and influence as past President of Motorola SPS, former CEO of Advanced Micro Devices, former Chairman of GlobalFoundries and current Founder and Chairman of Advanced Nanotechnology. He is driven by the idea that technology and education dramatically improve lives. As a wise and insightful advisor to individuals, corporations, and governments exploring breakthrough technology initiatives, his quintessential immigrant's story empowers his impassioned efforts to benefit society, improve education and provide opportunities for disadvantaged regions and minority students. Sawblade Ventures, LLC is honored to have Dr. Ruiz guide our conversation with industry leaders toward making microelectronics and electronic systems more secure and safe.