Electronics Resurgence Initiative

Hosted by DARPA's Microsystems Technology Office July 23-25

This first annual ERI Summit is an initiative put forth by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency to bring together semiconductor engineers and designers, manufacturers and tool makers, inventors and innovators to explore ways to reinvigorate the US electronics industry.

An amazing future waits for the United States if we can pull together as a nation and rediscover the art of creative electronic design. An ominous future awaits the world if we can not.

The art of electronic control is entering an uncertain phase as the traditional ways of design engineering and manufacturing face obstacles never seen before. DARPA has called the electronics industry to action. Sawblade is honored to answer that call.

Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco, CA

Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco, CA

Design Automation Conference, June 25-27

DAC 2018 was Sawblade's first opportunity to introduce our proven DAFCA technology to the semiconductor industry's new world of critical problem solving efforts for security and defense vulnerabilities.


Design Automation Conference, June 3-5

Join Sawblade at DAC 2019 in Las Vegas June 3-5 booth 1034. Learn about the potential of formally embedded transactional fabrics. Visualize. Monitor. Manipulate. Interoperate. Augment the Host. Interface the Future.